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Planning and Export of BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machines

Design planning / manufacturing of BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machines

We are designing and manufacturing of BTA Type Machines.
 In year of 2013, we returned home after installation of BTA Type Deep Hole Drilling and Honing machine manufactured for Saudi Arabia. We conducted operation guidance to the local staff and completed the trial run.
 Even though it is September, there is no humidity, but during the day it was a hot weather above 40 degrees. On the site, it seems that many people do shopping at night.

BTA  Hotel view from street in Saudi Arabia
Hotel view from street
BTA  Night town scinery in Saudi Arabiain
Night town scinery

Trial Run of BTA Machine in Saudi ArabiaSau

Trial Run of BTA Machine

Unber BTA Type Deep Hole Drilling

Trial Run of Lathe in Saudi Arabia

Trial Run of Lathe