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What is Deep Hole Drilling by BTA System

Deep Hole Drilling (BTA System)

 BTA is an abbreviation of Boring & Trepanning Association, which is a important  cutting process of a deep hole in metal processing. There is a feature that can perform deep hole processing cleanly at high speed.
As shown below, the high-pressure cutting oil pressurized by the pump is sent to the pressure head which is in contact with the workpiece, it reaches the cutter head through the gap between the drilled hole and the boring bar. Chips were pass through the inside of boring bar and go back to the tank through the chip receiver and the magnetic filter.

 ◆Installed Deep Hole Drilling Machine (BTA SYSTEM)

Type B400 Large Deep Hole Drilling Machine


Type B150 Mid size Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Type B300 Large Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Enlarging of Inner Surface of Steel Pipe

Type KB150 Eccentric Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Excellent feature of Deep Hole Drilling Machine

- It is suitable for heavy duty machining

The deep hole drilling of BTA System is suitable for not only small diameter but also large deep drilling by using a pipe named boring bar with strong resistance to twist and processing with a head with high rigidity.

- Head with high straightness

The cutting head attached to the boring bar is doing a good job. It strikes the work which rotates at high speed and cuts with a cutting edge (carbide tip or blade). Cutting oil supplied from the pressure head is supplied from the gap between the head and the workpiece, sweeps the chips, passes through the boring bar and is discharged, maintaining good machining accuracy.

- Head Type

◆Solid Boring Processing
It is used for when drilling holes in solid material by general processing method. All parts of the hole will become chips. In the figure, chips discharged through the inside of the boring bar are displayed in small strips.
◆Trepaning processing
It is used when drilling large diameter holes in the material. A dedicated head for deep hole processing is used leaving the center part (core material) of the hole.
◆Counter boring processing
It is used for hole expansion processing of materials already having holes in the material or pipes. It is also used when surface roughness and accuracy are required.


Large size boring bar


Various heads


Solid Boring Head


Trepaning Head


Counter Boring Head


◆Movies being processed

Materia:SACM645,  4,100mm Length Solid Bar

Processing by medium Size Deep Hole Drilling Machine of BTA Type

Material:STKM13A  Enlarging of Inner Diameter of Steel Pipe

Processing by Large Size Deep Hole Drilling Machine of BTA Type


- Quality certificate documents etc.

It is a quality certification document from the customer who carried out factory audit.

Although we have not acquired ISO 9001, we are auditing factories based on our own quality assurance manual and quality assurance system.


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