Deep Hole Drilling System by BTA

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Product Photo

Product Photo

  The product after BTA System Deep Hole Drilling Processing is posted below.
  ■Large Product

BTA  STKM-13A Steel Pipe

STKM-13A Steel Pipe

BTA  Coolant hole around the roll

Coolant hole around the roll

BTA  Lube hole of Roll

Lube hole of Roll

BTA  Cylinder


BTA  Accumulator


BTA  Eccentric hole

Eccentric hole

BTA  Large Cylinder

Large Cylinder

BTA  CrMo-Steel Product

CrMo-Steel Product

BTA  Heavy Work

Heavy Work



Product Photo

 We are processing various material products. Below are some of the products that represent various materials.
  ■Medium and Small Product

BTA  MC Nylon Product

MC Nylon Product

BTA  Inconel718 for Aircraft parts raw material

Inconel718 for Aircraft parts raw material

BTA  BeCu Submarine Cable Case

BeCu Submarine Cable Case

BTA  A7075 Aluminum Auto Parts

A7075 Aluminum Auto Parts

BTA  SCM415 Spindle

SCM415 Spindle

BTA  SUS316L CRD Guide Pipe

SUS316L CRD Guide Pipe

BTA  SVD45 Φ12 through hole

SVD45 Φ12 through hole

BTA  Roll Guide Center Hole

Roll Guide Center Hole

BTA  Titanium Bar Product

Titanium Bar Product